Friday, 14 September 2012

UTIES' Upcoming Events for September and October

Hi all,

Throughout this semester, UTIES is going to have a few events in which we will feature documentaries, speakers, arts and crafts nights, and ecopoetry nights. We are also planning on collaborating with a few campus groups too! 

We would like to let you know of a few planned events that will be happening! We are still planning events for this semester but these are our finalized plans!
i) Bake/Art Sale in the week of September 24th
ii) Environmental Documentary/Mural/Arts and Crafts Night in the week of October 1st
iii) Arts Showcasing Night in late January

Bake/Art Sale
Our first bake/art sale will be happening the week of September 24th in which we will sell baked goods especially vegan and vegetarian baked goods and we will sell the UTIES committee's environmental art for very low prices. We feel that our art will raise awareness but simultaneously, our art will act as aesthetically pleasing decorations. If you would like to help out or bake anything with us, please email us at! Thanks :)

Environmental Documentary/Mural/Arts and Crafts Night
Our first members' event will take place the week of October 1st. We are planning on having a documentary, creating a mural, and everyone making their own environmental art through various forms of materials that will be provided by us. We shall provide food but we also welcome food from members as long as there are proper ingredients lists for the food items. The event will be themed but we will let you know of the theme soon!

Arts Showcasing Night
We are going to have a major arts showcasing night that will include visual arts, graphic design, language arts, and vlogs, which will take place in late January. We welcome arts submissions from all across Toronto and Ontario from universities to local artists.

Once again, we will know of further dates for October and November soon!

Please contact us at to send us photographs of your own art for us to display at our events and on our social media pages through Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog. Please feel free to contact us too about our major U of T gallery event which will happen in late January if you would like to display your artwork!

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Thanks again and we hope your first week back was fantastic!

- The UTIES Committee

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