Wednesday, 26 September 2012

October 1st Bake/Art Sale and October 4th Environmental Documentary/Mural/Arts and Crafts Night

Hi all,

We have two lovely events for next week!

October 1st - Bake/Art Sale at the Sidney Smith Lobby
We are selling cake and environmental artwork from 11 to 5 on Monday October 1st in the Sidney Smith Lobby! We shall have Vegetarian Carrot Cake and Vegetarian Vanilla Sponge Cake (made with no eggs) and our committee members are busy preparing environmental artwork for it too. The art will be sold at very lower prices and will hopefully decorate your room or house with beauty! If you would like to volunteer at the bake/art sale or help make some environmental artwork with us, you can email us at!

October 4th - Environmental Documentary/Mural/Arts and Crafts Night at the Hart House South Dining Room from 7 pm to 10 pm
Our first members' event will take place on October 4th at the Hart House South Dining Room from 7 pm to 10 pm. We are planning on having a documentary, creating a mural, and everyone making their own environmental art through various forms of materials that will be provided by us. This event will be themed for animals in which the documentary and mural will be surrounding this theme! We shall provide food but we also welcome food from members as long as there are proper ingredients lists for the food items. This event will be themed for animals!


- The UTIES Committee

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