Friday, 14 September 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Hi all! Along with Artist of the Week Wednesdays, we are also creating Fun Facts Friday which will feature environmental fun facts!

This week's is about sustainable urban planning! According to Open Source Cities on Cities Tackling Probl...
ems with Small Solutions, "so-called micro-solutions which might mean relying on green infrastructure instead of a new water-treatment facility, or implementing car- and bicycle-sharing in place of a highway expansion are generally much cheaper and faster to implement. They have the added benefit of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. One micro-scale innovation that has taken hold in places as diverse as Portland, Ore., Denver, Malmo, Sweden, and Brooklyn is the eco-district, a neighborhood or section of a city that attempts to use less energy and produce less waste of all kinds. In eco-districts, property owners are encouraged to tap their joint purchasing and real estate power. In Washington, D.C., landowners have purchased solar panels to create local solar co-operatives."

To read more, here is their article!

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