Wednesday, 19 September 2012

John Fekner's Album

Some of John Fekner's Album!

Your Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants

Mother Earth Will Survive (Your Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants)  - collaboration with Don Leicht

Indoor Installations 1982

My Ad Is No Ad 1980
"Fekner appropriates the front and back of billboards and highways signs as ‘alternative billboards’ with his subliminal messages." - according to Fekner's personal website

Toxic   Long Island Expressway, Queens, NY 1982
"Fekner drew attention to the proposed route of removing radioactive waste from the Shoreham nuclear power plant and Brookhaven laboratories on Long Island. Fekner stenciled signs and created murals at various locations in Nassau, Queens and Manhattan. A landmark ruling in the courts in February 1982 prohibited the trucking of nuclear waste through NYC and its suburbs." - according to his personal website

Question   Nassau County, NY 1982
"The concept of a time capsule was always an interest to Fekner. Influenced by the Westinghouse time capsules buried on September 23rd, 1938 and October 16th, 1965 at the Worlds Fair site in Queens, Fekner explored the concept on his 4U2C, Deer and Question Mark stencil projects. At new home or other job sites, Fekner stenciled messages/images for future generations on reinforced concrete pipes prior to their being buried in the ground by construction companies. For Fekner, “the concrete forms were like a minimalist sculpture….a found readymade” without him having to fabricate and adding a piece of Pop art to the environment." - according to his personal website

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