Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Jackie Brookner's Album

The Gift of Water, 2001, 3 x 5 x 8.5 feet, Grossenhain, Germany

Jackie Brookner, I'm You

Jackie Brookner, I'm You, 2000, moss, volcanic rock, plants, metal, polluted water, 67 inches x 112 inches x 50 inches

Jackie Brookner, Prima Lingua (First Tongue)

Jackie Brookner, Prima Lingua (First Tongue), 1996 and 2001,concrete, volcanic rock, moss, plants, agricultural runoff, 64 inches x 101 inches x 80 inches

"Brookner grew mosses on a giant volcanic rock and concrete tongue to create Prima Lingua, a biochemical filter that cleanses polluted water and air. The polluted water in its trough, which circulates over the biosculpture's back, was collected from agricultural runoff. The moss, together with the fungi and many millions of bacteria growing with each plant, use the pollutants as food sources, thus gradually purifying the water. A 500 cubic foot per minute ventilation system takes one week to come in contact with an ordinary room's 70,000 cubic feet of air."

Urban Rain, Roosevelt Community Center, San Jose CA, 2005-8

The Brookner Tongue Lounge™ 1993  42 x 31 x 55  Earth, Wood

The Brookner Tongue Chair™   1993   34 x 26 x 42” 

"Tongue Chairs:  Since 1992 I have been making Tounges out of soil.  Some of these evolved into chairs, where earth can embrace the whole body.  The tongue is a provocative image because it is a part of our selves where our physical and mental functions come together--a place where taste, sex and speech meet--where the dualism of mind and body clearly breaks down."

Laughing Brook, Salway Park Wetland and Stormwater Filtration Project, Cincinnati, Ohio  (2002-2009 in progress)

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