Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Artist of the Week Wednesday - Jackie Brookner!

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This week's Artist of the Week Wednesday is Jackie Brookner, an ecological artist, writer, and educator who creates water remediation/publi art projects for wetlands, rivers, streams, and stormwater runoff. According to Wikipedia, "she completed all work for a Ph.D. in Art History from Harvard University, except the dissertation, as her focus shifted to making sculpture in 1971". According to her personal website "she demonstrates how the undervalued resourecs of stormwater and other polluted water can be reclaimed and used to create lush environments, expressive and multifunctional public spaces."

According to Wikipedia, "her " Biosculptures" were inspired by her research for this issue  to develop a practice that could provide ecological benefits and help to transform cultural values". According to her personal website, her Biosculptures "are living sculptures that use the capacity of carefully chosen plants to clean and filter water. Made of mosses, ferns and other plants growing on stone and concrete structures, they provide ecological and aesthetic solutions to water quality and water quantity problems. These vegetated sculptures are intended to seed a sense of connection to worlds beyond the human and to encourage understanding that is it possible to sustain human life in ways that benefit natural systems, rather than degrade them."
For more information on Jackie Brookner, check out her personal website!

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