Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Artist of the Week Wednesday - Marco Casagrande!

Hi all, this week's Artist of the Week Wednesday is Marco Casagrande, a Finnish architect and environmental artist.

Marco Casagrande
According to his Wikipedia, "The New York Times reporter chose their project "60 Minute Man" as his personal favorite in the Biennale. In the project Casagrande &Rintala had planted on oak forest in an abandoned barge on top of 60 minutes worth of composted human waste produced by the city of Venice."

His "Third Generation City"

Another perspective held by Casagrande is his Third Generation City which poses that the "post industrial urban condition as a machine is ruined by nature which includes human nature and architects as design shamans merely interpreting what the bigger nature of the shared mind is transmitting.This organic machine is kept alive through continuous and spontaneous ruining processes performed by citizens, to whom Casagrande refers to as (anarchist gardeners) by means of urban farming, illegal architecture and urban acupuncture. The element of Ruin is viewed as something man-made having become part of nature. The theory is developed in the independent multidisciplinary research centre Ruin Academy (2010-). Third Generation City follows the first generation where humans' peacefully coexisted with nature and the second generation built walls and stone structures everywhere in an attempt to shut out nature. In the third generation however, nature, which can never be truly shut out, grows back through the ruins, through the cracks in the wall, sucking human nature back into the wider nature."

Check out his personal website for more information!

Check out the Master's Program in Environmental Art at Aalto University in Finland where Casagrande teaches!

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Have a great week!
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