Monday, 5 November 2012

Student Environmen​tal Photograph​er of the Week - Julianne Jakobek!

Hi all, every week, UTIES will showcase a student environmental photographer's, artist's, or poet's profile as well as a few photos, paintings, or poems by them on our Facebook page and Blog! This week's student photographer is Julianne Jakobek.
Here is her profile!
Hi, I'm Julianne! I am in first year studying humanities at Trinity College. My parents gave me my first camera when I was ten and ever since then it has always just been a hobby, I bring my camera almost everywhere I go. It has been through my family's encouragement and support that I have continued to pursue photography.
I really love the outdoors, in fact, almost all my photographs have been taken outside. I especially love taking photos of flowers and my dog, Bubba.

"I paint flowers, so they will not die." Frida Kahlo once said.

I have an identical twin sister who also likes to take photos! Not as much as me though!

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Thanks and have a great week!
- The UTIES Committee

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